She Will Have My Baby If...

Birt 14 ágú 2020
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Что руски1?

  • This is crap! We almost doubled it…still no baby.😭

  • No joke people are still liking this even after they broke up

  • Is that Sara from the rain ??????

  • Logan Paul it’s been over half 1 million likes Where is your kid

  • Well, the video is at 920k views. Logan, GET F*CKING!

    • @Lady Rhea sh*t

    • They broke up. -.-

  • get popin

  • 2021, me waiting por the baby after this video hit more than 900k comments

  • 2021: Where the kid?

  • if what paul IF WHAT

  • Bradley martyn

  • @Logan paul where da baby bro🤣

  • Where is the bABA

  • 03:26 is his gf?

  • where is your baby..!? 😠😡

  • Logan *lots of great wrestlers* James Charles *ok sister pay up*

  • Soooo.... how about that baby?

  • Yo Logan’s assistant said your life is ruined


  • 918k

  • mr millionaire at it again destroying a 400 dollar instrument. (no hate intended.)

  • Waiting for the baby 😁🤞

  • 918k

  • I feeled pity for that child.

  • evans bong bigger than him deadass

  • bro. you have to be a new kind of crazy to dislike a youtube video

  • هاذ عربي

  • Lille si lo buscaste porque pelea


  • م شـي عرب؟


  • jame charels would snap like a twig

  • Umm looking back yea almost a mil likes so we’re expecting a baby soon

  • Almost 1,000,000 likes

  • Boy where’s that baby

  • Where is that CHILD?

  • 3:32 awwwww

  • Just keeping an eye out to see if he has an announcement video about him and his future girlfriend having a baby 2021 Logan: I fucked up big time

  • this vid has more then half a million likes, where the fuck is the baby

  • What was o. That paper?

  • AS a trombone player no just no

  • Where is the baby

  • 4:24 she seriously said your life is ruined .LMAOOOOOOF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Start clapping

  • Where is your Baby

  • Where's the baby at

  • Looks like your having a baby

  • Now he has to get a baby

  • You are so cool 😎

  • Guys... I’m a trombonist 😂

  • I used to play trombone 😭

  • When Logan say who created the trumpet it must be his ancestors

  • He just got a bong chillin

  • were is the baby ?

  • Kral be adamin dibi

  • Me watching this as a Trombone players : 👀

  • 916k likes Where is the baby bitch

  • bro logan you got 916k likes where is the baby I know you and josie broke up but you made a promise hahahah

  • Me watching this nine months later with it having 90,000 likes

  • Logan you still havent made a baby with josie i feel scammed

  • Well guess Logan is a baby daddy now

  • lmao in the beginning when he was showing the people who wanna wrestle him ben askren responded 😂

    • LMAO I SAW THAT AND I WAS LIKE “oh well Jake already beat him to it😂”

  • where's that baby now though you got 500k

  • Haha love how evans bong made an appearance

  • WHERE IS THE BABY?!@#!=+#$%

  • LOL 915k likes logan

  • 0:26 James fucking Charles

  • It's not even lockdown and I'm chilling with lps vlogs

  • logan where the baby at?!!!! you have over 500.000k!!!!!!!!

  • logan the like is almost a mill and where is ur baby?

  • 915 K likes, road to the second baby

  • 915 k likes

  • At 0:28 Ben askern challenges him to a match

  • Yo I think the baby is on the way

  • get another tho that looks like maverick so that bird can have bf/gf 😂 also i cant wait till he has a kid😂

  • 900k and ion see a mini Logan 👀👀

  • yo where the baby at bro

  • get to the baby nowwwww

  • Almost a million likes

  • If you guys made a baby 10 months ago, Logan should have been a dad rn

  • Logan actually thinks he's a good wrestler too...smh this dude will lose to Floyd Mayweather and still be like "I'm the champ I could whoop anybody in a boxing match"...yea did anybody see his boxing the Gronk brothers hahahah most embarrassing thing I've seen in a minute and he actually decided to put it on ISprofile too

  • It's so creepy how much he wanted to have a baby with a girl that he was with for months they didn't even last a year....your a sociopath I swear nobody gonna let there daughter have a baby with you

    • How is wanting a kid creepy. How dumb could you possibly be

  • Do this wrestling thing and wrestle Ben Askren

  • Were is the baby?

  • when does we se the baby

  • Wrestle James Charles 😈

  • 900k likes hmmmm if we get to 1 mil likes they will have two babies😁🤯

  • Looks to me like y’all gotta have a baby

  • where is the baby its one mill like

  • 0:26 the fact that James Charles challenged Logan…. The world ended.

  • What happened to half a million likes?

  • Where's da baby

  • Where's the baby at

  • 913k still no baby

  • where is DaBaby

  • 3:20 A bong on the table

  • Where the baby at?

  • i dont wunt to

  • I will dox im a girl JK