Will My Boys Lie To My Girlfriend For Me?

Birt 3 ágú 2020
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Do the boys have my back?
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Hey Logan ask the editor to un blur the part when Josie showed here nipples

  • Ur girl is so beautiful… so natural…..

  • I love Logan

  • Who s da weeman? We is funny

  • 1:37 I AM WEAK!!!!!!

  • I even don't trust my staircase when I walk on it 😂

  • editor: :o


  • Really so I’m wondering if Logan’s friends will lie for him because I’m a stereotypical woman. Uhh wait a minute Logan is beating his chicken on a ladder!

  • The spiffy ambulance exceptionally peck because jaw neuropathologically marry up a ruddy guide. jaded, beautiful dugout

  • Knock that old man's nutsack of a beard off,you got this

  • Even is funny i very been playing video games

  • Almost 500k Likes 👍🏽 !!! 😱 🔥

  • Русские смотрят?

  • did they break up? I hope they are both doing ok

  • Don't use the Lord's name in vain.

  • Shut up

  • The debonair preface effectively branch because sunshine simultaneously replace like a oafish bank. deserted, assorted brain

  • 3:34 the editor must be happy XD

  • Fuuuh man now she’ll actually suspect something when the time does come😂

  • the editor gets all the juice

  • I mis this shit

  • They should have done Jake

  • George is a real one

  • Damn

  • Editor is a legend

  • Y’all are saying that they are all fake friends but they are keeping him out of trouble and that’s what y’all wanted huh?

  • George really likes Tiktok I'm pretty sure he saw the trend before cuz the viral one was when he said he's pooping

  • your girlfrined is crazy

  • Ok

  • calling the cops that's chicken abuse

  • My brother wants a box you he said that he's our Knock You Out

  • George such a good dude, 3:40, "hey, you okay?"

  • hahahaha u keep getting him with ur jokes

  • I really hated this dude a few years ago but these days he seems pretty sound,

  • Never let go of George janko

  • Sounds like Logan Paul's been doing LSD. That explains his behavior change. I like the new person he's becoming.

  • 4:01 Wish I had a friend like George

  • Fuckin tht Mike is a clout chase , nut a true friend

  • They know he ain’t gonna cheat

  • I am lucky I have a friend like that too who lied to my mom for me to cover my ass. She’s a real one.

  • Thats it George is the only real freind

  • Logan is seriously promoting cheating as if it's a good thing. How disconnected from reality is he? Normalizing shitty behavior. How tf do you make this video and not see anything wrong with it

  • Just want to be the editor of logan now.

  • This right here shows how many of your “friends” are actually your friends. Whatever you do Logan, take care of George.

  • For someone so religious George is a very good liar😂

  • This didn’t age well...

  • The editor living the dream tho 😂

  • Nah.. nobody wants to get fired if they lie to his gf

  • You that egg game would probably help with his reflexes for boxing

  • This is why I love Logan he spent so much money on random things he is so funny 😂 🤣

  • I miss them both happy together 😌

  • Logans Girlfreind: every body loves me hayhay R Truth: I dont even Know if thats pg

  • I love how much Logan has evolved he is now one of my favorite youtubers he’s wholesome and he just seems so nice and then there’s jake

  • Yeah il subscribe now....you're good Logan... great content...

  • 0:26 , I wish I could do that for my living.

  • Are any of us surprised that mike didn't have his back

  • who’s watching this in 2021

  • Idk if it's good or bad if your friend would sell you out...

  • I’m sorry but George asking if she’s okay. He’s so sweet

  • Damn

  • Bois I spent $750 in rubber chickens!!!!!

  • Yeah today you smiling tomorrow you crying ✊

  • And that is why Mike is no longer with Logan anymore Fake ass dude. George the real one! 💪🏼

  • 23 M 😂

  • George is the most wholesome friend, he even mindlessly agreed to 'look into telescopes' before realizing it was a joke 🤣

  • انس و اصاله يا سرقين😂😂

  • Love you Paul, more love to evan😂😂❤

  • Im actually enjoying logan videos that says something man this dude made a damn great change

  • And look it ended up being logan and George left on the podcast and I love it!

  • George is a real one legend...

  • This shit sucks

  • Aqui los que no sabemos ingles xD 👇

  • we miss Josie!

  • I have always been a fan of George

  • George us SUCH a great human. Omg. The "yeah, are you okay??"😩😩👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Logan has been doing much better more mature,content. He should get his ads back!!!

  • Well Mike tried as well

  • This is funny

  • Bruh can I have to be the new editor

  • Miss the way you throw the plates

  • I really fucking miss this Logan 😞

  • Yo Logan lmk if u need a editor 😏

  • Guaranteed this is why is on the podcast now

  • Hey pixar,hire logan as the lamp will ya

  • The editor like yeah 👍

  • When you realize the video has 469k likes: Noice

  • 100% knew George would come through

  • S

  • 3:36 thanks editor

  • The editor is the best xD

  • The biggest irony is that Mike says tekashi a snitch but he is too

  • Cool

  • غدره بيه مكسين 😂😂😂

  • Polska girom

  • 0:43 ديم نبي نجربه😭😭😂😂💙

  • 3:36 who's editing lmao

  • Half the comment section: YOOO GEORGE IS A REAL ONE The other half commenting about the editor: *DOWN HORRENDOUS*

  • God bless

  • I wonder why I am getting subtitles in other language if u agree like the comment