My Last Words To Floyd Mayweather...

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    • Stop ducking "it's ma6ic" bro. You know your gonna lose that's why you don't wanna fight him. Tell Jake the same thing wussys.

    • Your very strong!

    • No

    • it's a Wolverine VS a Lama that works out the Lama don't even have teeth the Wolverine can cause serious damage to a lion However the Wolverine is getting old and it would be awesome if Logan won but if Floyd wins he can then fight Jake that would be a better fight because Floyd hates Jake hahaha! Put on a good show for us guys this is great, make us smile laugh and collect your checks.

    • @DannyX we will see

  • He’s in London rn

  • Why does everything have to be a production with him

  • Hey Logan u should do like a video on how to become a boxer for beginners

  • i wonder why doesn't he have a chech mark (verified) on his channel ...............🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Manny Pacquiao next 👍

  • They look like they were about to kiss

  • Logan has changed ALOT

  • LOSE

  • you should fight pac man panquen

  • Logan when I first found ur channel was back when u were slamming plates on the ground

  • Daily vlogs pls


  • Can u beat manny paquiao???

  • last words before fight: remember Floyd it's just a fake exhibition right?

  • قال الرسول صلِ الله عليه وسلم :كلمتان خفيفتان على اللسان ثقيلتان في الميزان حبيبتان إلى آلرحمن: سبحآن آلله وبحمده.سبحآن آلله آلعظيم💙

  • Side makes pretty good videos

  • Really fight with him 100 times You will still lose Play pokemon 😂

  • Where’s ginger the giant

  • $diegog2021

  • Send me 100 on cash app much love

  • What a clown!

  • yo dream

  • im very depressed bc i dont have any friends and my sister which is also my best friend and the best sister in the wrld and her friends so i watch u to calm me down

  • You better lose Logan Paul floyd is undefeated what a loser Logan Paul

  • 3 years ago he was the most hated ISprofiler, now he is one of the most loved person.

  • I can't wait till one of the paul brothers gets to big for they're britches and trys to challenge the man the myth the legend Mike Tyson

  • I received news from a reliable source that this channel supports terrorism and extremism with the money it earns from ISprofile and will close soon I ask everyone to report this to ISprofile.

  • Post

  • 155 pounds and he lamped Logan tf

  • Glad he won

  • we can't denied, this dude has a lot of achievements than other youtubers a youtuber/under experienced boxer fighting one of the greatest is one of the biggest that influencer can do lose or not no doubt this dude is a legend

    • @Mohamed Elsayed it's clinch

    • Hugz

  • Fight vs ibra tv


  • Me back then: just stop uploading Me now: UPLOAD MORE

  • Bet you cant beat my dad he is viking blood cuz we are norwegians and He is like super buff and his beard is super long and his name is Torbjörn storman🇧🇻🇧🇻💪💪💪

  • My Last Words To Floyd Mayweather We’re That I Love Hugging.

  • logan paul is a nobody ! hes a bum i want to box him and show the world what a loser he really is

  • Logen

  • 3:57 and the Oscar goes to.......

  • Qui et français

  • Hello ı.m türkiş okay

  • Logan you should box Bryce hall .

  • "We don't fuck with vowels bro"

  • mans is gonna comeback with some inspirational speech about him not having any chance at all against floyd

  • lol seeing this after Mayweather rocked his shit

    • @Sparks i have nothing to disagree to that. my point is floyd didn't knock him out after getting clinch by logan which proved logan is smart, idk maybe if he gassed that's why he did that or maybe to survived because he knows floyd will be aggressive if he let his body open, floyd won technically, logan just beat doubters expectations and surviving 8 rounds with one of the greatest boxer of all time. that's it we can tell to their faces, that logan looks damaged after the fight while floyd still clean. but the his success is getting up, who will gonna expect that a youtuber will gonna fight a legendary boxer. that's my point

    • @Khian technically it was an exhibition match so no winner but mayweather got way more body shots and made a fool of paul

    • floyd said he will knock him out? so what happen?

  • 0:00 - 0:30 imagine if this Logan were to get in the ring

  • My man went from good daily content with videos of 15 minutes, then he went to just going a per month bad content. If you are an OG you know what I mean 😪 like and tag him so he would return to his good content 😓

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this idiot hasn't won a match yet an NOW HE THINKS HE CAN BEAT TYSON 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bring back Brendan pls

  • Who thinks Logan should bring the throwing plate meme back only ogs remember 😭🤣

  • Try Manny Pacquiao I'll definitely going to pay to watch you get beat up..

  • He should fight Austin Mcbroom

  • Türk yok mu lan

  • I am Elon Musk

  • I miss when they didn’t fight

  • What’s the song called in the intro

  • My face everytime i watch Logan "😨"

    • Name the intro song ??? anybody

  • Logan Paul vs. Anderson Silva.

  • Fight silva 👏💪

  • Hey Logan do you want to buy my Pokemon cards

  • When are you going to come back to ISprofile?

  • Logan for the love of the team maverick fans plz try to get back with josey

  • Logan the biggest king.

  • it was a nice try you though you lasted well 👍

  • Jesus loves you all

  • Jesus loves you all


  • My dad wants to fight you

  • You should take on the OG YT fighter Kimbo Slice 😁👌

  • Name the intro song ??? anybody

  • I have just watched The Thinning and wow they are both awesome jeez when is The Thinning at war gonna happen?!??? (came up with the name myself BTW)

  • Ibra

  • Ibra

  • Ibra

  • Where is ginger I miss seeing her

  • So cool

  • All that training for nothing 😒 Floyd was playing you like baby 👶 i would start with Amatur boxing 🤣

  • Ive had 2 dreams so far that i was friends with logan and them. They're so inspiring I wish i have friends like that. Fighting Floyd Mayweather like whats next man. It felt so cool dreaming you were actually talking to me as a friend thats a priceless feeling..

    • Mas put* lol suck him up hahahaha

  • His ass got kicked

  • Now you calling out tyson? Boy you cant take that heat he would fold you like a lawn chair

    • Mike tyson is very old now. He wouldn't. Don't say ignorant things. Be realistic will ya

  • Logan : I’m not a ISprofiler ( uploads another video to his Main Account )

  • Greetings from turkeyy🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • You just won’t stop will you? Listen Floyd is 150 soaking wet and you are 200 easily. They wouldn’t even sanction a fight like this. The reason Floyd fought you was because you are terrible and it’s easy money. Floyd is the greatest pound for pound “boxer” ever but not a knock out artist. It is crazy that you think you really did something. Of course, you didn’t get knocked out by a 44-year-old retired champion that you out way by 50 pounds. You are terrible and I do mean terrible. The fact that you was holding the smaller man .. shows that you have no heart.

  • Floyd was toying with Logan the whole time! You never see Floyd just walking straight in against world class prized fighters cause he knows he would get seriously knocked out! You only do that in sparring! He even did that against Connor! It’s just hilarious watching and hearing Logan thinking he gave Floyd a run for his money and even more funny thinking that he won!

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  • and u got knocked out booiiiiiii hella went towards the ground 😂😂😂

  • eeeeee fight was weak asf rather watch prelims than that

  • Pollo

    • •T•h•a•n•k•s f•o•r w*a•t•c•h•I•n•g• B•e•s•t• t•i•m•e• •f•o•r c•r•y•p•t•o• •i•n•v•e•s•t•m•e•n•t• & •g•u•i•d•a•n•c•e ••🅦..🅗...🅐..🅣...🅢...🅐...🅟..🅟•• +•4::4::7::4::1::8::3 ::::4::4::9••7:::3💬 :Tell •: Christopher : i :: referred :: you•••● 📍📌...

  • The fight was ass

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  • post vlogs again man

    • @Pinned by Logan Paul fuck off

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  • Jesus is coming soon Accept him as your Lord and Savior before its too Late🙏

  • Ask God to bring you into hell

    • @Pinned by Logan Paul I thought you were a bot

    • It's optional

    • @Pinned by Logan Paul why whatsapp

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  • The winner : their bank accounts How the fight went down : hug,hug,hug

  • Yeah. You could beat Mike Tyson...Hahahahahaha!!