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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Throwin rat traps tho 🤣🤣

  • Did he really hit Logan? Lol

  • Mike would snitch if he got kidnapped and beat up by his own crew

  • Gram Bi şey anlamayan ben

  • Bro really fought floyd

  • Mike is a very unlikable person

  • Mike always thinks he’s the star lmao

  • If 6ix9ine showed up to my place, what’s the first thing I do? GO AND GET THE CHEESE AND THE RAT POISON

  • Even I hate 6IX9INE

  • Maybe I shouldn't have treated you so harshly

  • Rainbiw bitch

  • Six9 is the worst fucking signer in the world

  • Notorious, I think not, wanted snitch, yes!

  • Cool Logan part

  • 6ix9ine é monstro


  • oh cool, two of the celebrities i hate the absolute most in one video.

  • Finally earned my sub :) you awesome

  • Yo someone please tell that song at the end.


  • Ye

  • There where actually greeks in the horse

  • That was the perfect fake hit in Logan’s face from Mike

  • Cocaine is one hella a drug.

  • Mike acting like a boss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • 4:05 holy s**** that punch bro

  • He gotta fight Jake Paul

  • mike was such a pussy this video

  • George is the most likeable dude ever!

  • his hair looked like a wig

  • More like the 66th podcast pfft HAHAHA

  • They are both weak af and bad people so made for eachother.

  • Y’all should’ve said “How many times you said N$&&@?”

  • el le cogio la mano porque al ser medio latino, casi todo los latinos tenemos esa forma de que cuando hablamos con alguien, le hacemos la seña con la mano para que estén atentos a lo que diremos

  • Mike: I never snitch, Mike at Kim's podcast: logan was...

  • Man I never thought I would hate anyone more than 6ix9ine but mike proved me wrong


  • They talking about 6ix9ine in the streets as they sit in the hills😂 like they understand anything about the bottom from the top. about as funny as that video titled "did 6ix9ine disrespect the street code?"😭😂

  • Everyone : omg 69 me : yo you noticed the quarantine day : 69 on the whiteboard

  • “ I can’t do my boy like that “ 😭😭😭 got me

  • Mike talks a lot of shit and then basically gets up his ass🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fuck 69. LLKV 🦅

  • This didnt age well for mike :)

  • That’s why I like mike

  • 🐀

  • Damn mike you almost gained the respect of most people in these comments. Too bad everyone here called you out for being 2 faced 🤡

  • Logan paul : The most notorious rapper 6ix9ine Popek : Aawww that's cute

  • Snake mike showing his two faces! 🐍

  • If xxxtentacion was alive I would of said collab with him

  • SolJah, Jehovah:|~~~

  • I fucking love logan, hes very humble now. Not saying he doesn’t flex but he does it right. And acts pretty mature :))) love you logan no homo

  • why does he sound like he’s always rapping every time he speaks

  • I hate Mike with a passion

  • Cool enough

  • Buy shiba inu!!!!


  • funny how tables have turned

  • Mike is a fucking asshole.

  • If this proved one thing, and that is that Mike is all talk

  • Why do they all behave like they are on stimulants?

  • This fool Mike is never funny

  • 3:36 Welcome yo Mike’s history lesson. Today we are gonna talk about the trojan war and ancient greece.

  • Bro mikes logic makes no sense so your telling me if you were in jail and in that situation you wouldn’t snitch and rot in jail rather then being free

  • It’s funny cause mike ended up sucking 😂

  • We need a another one like this

  • Did Mike really punch Logan like that- 💀💀👀 3:58 like damn that scared the hell outta me

  • u guys fight the worst people so u dont lose and look like trash who needs money to fight bro

    • @Ashik Hasan lol i have one wbu?? and u dont see the problem are u blind or dumb oh srry both

    • I don't see the problem with that. Find a job or something

  • If American Psycho were written today, it would be about influencers and star the Paul Bros. How you gonna have a podcast you know only kids watch with a convicted pedophile?

  • Daddy chill

  • This video shows how two faced mike is

  • 1st podcast Ive seen so far. But Mike already annoyed the fuck out of me. He tryin way too hard

  • Another fake youtuber what a joke hahaaa

  • I honestly can't tell if he actually punched him or not

  • They way Logan said on a zoom call who was like whatt

  • 1:53 🔫🔫

  • 69 looks nice in this one

  • Every single one of these dudes would sing. The only fear stronger than your millionaire lifestyle being taken away and replaced with a view through half inch thick glass of a cement court yard, is the fear of god showing up in front of you and dragging you to hell. All of them are singing.

  • Mike would snitch if it was him

  • Well this was your biggest episode yet

  • Hi

  • I last saw you next to Enes Batur, i missed you Logan 👌🏻✨

  • tekashi je sráč a praskac nic víc

  • The thumbnail is fire

  • The punch that Mike threw to logan was well executed and was very well acted out

  • I like how mike said he don't like him but he was smiling when he saw him

  • This was funy

  • Mike ..

  • Y

  • Mike is that one person that leaves the group chat for attention

  • Did Logan actually get hit or not I’m confused if it was acting

  • Christ is the way the truth and the life

  • :-/

  • Pikachu Token on uniswap :).....Go to the Mooooon

  • 5:17 - 5:25 HELL YEAH HAHA AWW

  • Snakeeeeeeerrrr

  • It’s has been a good year I haven’t watched Logan Paul he has grown up but I liked the period when I didn’t watch Logan Paul

  • “Why yo stupid ass poppin wheelies”💀

  • Siema

  • rampart music

  • hiç türk izledimi