I’ve Never Been This Happy

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Jake and Logan were living the OBX life before OBX

  • Why is there a bed in the bathroom 1:47

  • Can’t shit in front of her but you can In front of the camera lol

  • Te Best Hugger lmao

  • 2:56 logan was rock hard i bet

  • Like does who came seeing the thumbnail

  • Your gross

  • I'm playing (sedoku) lmao

  • its the pimpled faced fuck for me

  • Love this song now 💓

  • Love from India

  • This is why society's worst times are coming. Because of assholes like these You tube persona. These kids never had to have the real struggles of life . They lucked out and were born in the creampuff years. You see these dip shits never had to go get a job and try to really make it on thier own. Because grandpa or dad always provided while they did thier stupid videos on ISprofile. Sickening how punks can make all that money so undeserving .. Try having 1 or 2 kids young with no support from family. Then you would not have time to be on you tube acting like fools. America is doomed

    • Didn't ask

  • Why would anyone want to watch THAT?

  • “Aww thanks logee you pimple face fuck” 😂🤣

  • I LOVE your videos :D

  • It’s my dream to meet u but I’m in Australia and Mum will not pay to see you live on stage sadly 😢🥺😭

  • Peleaste piola



  • Winner of 10k tries to wipe away tears but he got glasses on LOL

  • Logan go f Mayweather up

  • I hope these two are still close and just keeping it off screen till this fights over

  • damn i rlly miss this couple

  • jake is a way better fucking youtuber

  • What’s the name of the song they played for the lake scene ?🤔🤔🤔

  • 1:11 her personality is CRUSHIN‼️ Props to Logan for landing such a Lady...💪😉👌

  • This was my birthday

  • logan i’m jealous

  • Jesus is unemployed but works at the gym???


  • what happened here to yall logan...

  • 2:56 living the dream

  • Logan paul: Gives 10k for one month. Mrbeast: HOLD UP Mrbeast: Spends 1 Mil per day!

  • inappropriate

  • 3:05 who is dat girl?????!!!1

  • The miscreant castanet intrinsically jail because passive coincidingly suck lest a nappy toy. roasted, uttermost wasp

  • 02:56 For a man, that is what happiness looks like, but sorry you can't be like that 24 hours a day 365 days a year, nobody has reached eternal happiness...

  • George’s girl is so bad damn

  • I don’t feel bad for the editor, he’s living the dream lmao

  • WE ALL tried to slow it down dont lie

  • nikolay sana koymak ne kolay

  • Logans moms reply hit different for the logang

  • Sometimes when my day isn't going that great, I come back and watch these videos and it always makes me smile. Thank you Logan.

  • Well this didnt age well

  • can the logang help me get 100 subscriber ? :(

  • Imagine me hating on this dude for years, then he starts making some fire content and I'm here for it, that be it, I'm here at the beginning of this video, but I'm also coming from the last recommended so there's that 🤣 good luck in the fight Logan stomp that leprechaun Floyd!

  • All I have to say is got to 1:23

  • I don't doubt you'll win the fight, never hurts to invest in bulletproof armor for unforeseen circumstances in the future tense.

  • hahahahahaha " u pimple faced fu*k"" lmaooooooooooooo!!

  • "Awe thanks logy....you pimpled face fuck"

  • 2:56 wrong website

  • his moms part geeked 😂

  • My bro is the @romaneoyale

  • 1:25 lol

  • 2:25, the life jacket Logan is wearing is the brand I’m sponsored by

  • Is this a joke it's horrible I'm sorry👇

  • POV: U miss Logan Pauls videos and are rewatching this vid

  • Perfect ending. You will always be a legend Logan

  • Love the Bellbottoms song from Baby Driver in this

  • This shit sucks

  • Josie is the cutest GF logan has ever had

  • Whyy the helllll it is soo expensive Maverick clothing in indiaaaa i wanteddd to buy some of the stuffffffss😭😭😭😭

  • 11.23

  • 2:56 😬😬😬😵😵😳😳😳

  • 2:56

  • 256

  • 2:33

  • 2:55

  • There's more quality content packed into this 6 minutes than 6 other "big" youtube stars content combined

  • eran una linda pareja , pero uno no ve el 100% de la relacion o que cosas pasaban cuando las camaras estaban apagadas . Me encanta tu canal ayer me suscribi y ya vi mas de 25 videos ajajaj saludos

  • all the best vloggers have dwarf friends ;)

  • That prank 😂

  • I cant believe I like logan now.

  • His mom

  • Why do I think It is the same hotel from the jake and zayn Controversy?

  • Who else is a Paul hater!?

  • Can I be your new editor😅

  • "You pimple face 🦆"

  • No im playing sudoku 😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Paul got his attitude from His mother

  • she has no eyebrows

  • God bless

  • 👀👀

  • anybody know the lake? or the mansion... i rlly fw w those types of homes

  • I can’t believe that Josie and Logan broke up. They look so cute together. So sad :/

  • weztqwz

  • He is grown

  • bro i am eating

  • the editor: 😐

  • ok ok ok ok ..... I get it get it !!! but / how tf he's headphone stayed there man 5:21 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

  • :(

  • Damn Josie and Logan were lowkey perfect together smh

  • Hey how much is it to rent Jossie out for the night. Jk 😂😂

  • Hy Man

  • George looks like Charles from Brooklyn 99

  • Awww thx logic you pimple face fuck

  • The ancient tennis ethnically spot because cormorant generically glue minus a productive kitten. tedious, known mole

  • Actually a good joke 3:33

  • Coronavirus has left the chat